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iFinance is an easy to use and intuitive personal finance manager that uses a system of interactive graphs that allows you to easily and quickly monitor the status of different accounts.

It can also be used to control spending by establishing budgets. If spent money reaches a certain amount, iFinance will let the user know they they have passed the established limit for the designated period.

The graphs generated by iFinance are created from templates. The user can easily select the information that they want them to show. There are different kinds: linear, pie, bar graphs, etc.

The graphs are interactive, so it is possible to see more information about any point of value represented. When printing the graphs, iFinance makes a simplified printable version available.

iFinance can work with different currencies and is capable of updating the exchange rate automatically through the internet.

For OS X 10.5 or later. Users with Mac OS X X Tiger (10.4) should download iFinance 2.0.4.


The save, print and export options are disabled in the demo version.

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